The New World Of Authentic Branding: In Or Out?

The New World Of Authentic Branding: In Or Out?

Why we believe that Hotifyme’s leading edge approach that will take you to strong with confidence for you to become the Queen of Your Expertise by putting your body and mind into shape is important? 


The market is changing, so are people, so branding. In today’s hyper-competitive world, with the demand of digital engagement, many brands are extending beyond their original product categories. They are really selling a defining image, connecting via human stories and creating a compelling customer experience from the outside in.

The time when our society has grown anonymous is changing. Customers are now very sophisticated. They look for a sense of belonging to a community.

All is now linked it back to the region, story of the founder, or a place where the food has been made is a huge part of the food trend to reconnect with the basics. This leads to creating a deeper connection with customers who really want to know more about your brand and they actually care.

This is only possible if your brand gets across an authentic personality that stands out.

The easiest way is to build a brand around WHO YOU ARE!

Customers want to be educated, they know want to learn each detail about the manufacturing process, or the little detail why your product as opposed somebody else’s.

Take chocolatiers and coffee roasters, they discuss the details where and how they’ve sourced their ingredients.

Grocers are giving products a sense of place, restaurants share a story and deliver experience of something unique.

In today’s trend of living a healthy lifestyle, customers have expectations and want to be healthy when they are having fun out!

All these need to be translated into a clear communication branding strategy that really connects with customers on an emotional level.

With the digital trend and high expectations of customers, it’s important to seamlessly mesh the physical and digital experience not by replacing the old with the new, but with a clever integration to enhance the customer experience by leveraging valuable existing assets and core competencies.

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