The Lenka Method


The Lenka Method is a proven, step-by-step mind and body framework to show you exactly how to think and train on TRX to get strong with confidence to thrive in life.

The Lenka Method is built on 3 Core Pillars – Think, Train and Thrive as a champion. It integrates 5 laws of performance and 3 levels of progression. The Lenka Method uses TRX straps to help you to take your game to the next level by being stronger than your strongest excuse.

We all have hidden power, you only need to unleash your inner champion in you. Lenka also brings a bit of holistic approach that allows you to connect with yourself on a different level to reach your full potential.

How it works? 

Adopting a winning mind-set will help you perform at the top of your game and enable you to succeed when you want to succeed the most. How you are on the TRX, will reflect how you are in your life. TRX uses your bodyweight to get you defined muscles and build body strength, Lenka’s approach certainly strengthens your mind that helps you to thrive in life. It uses the core principle of having a strong core – the body & mind. It begins with a signature 5 key laws of performance and 3 levels of TRX progression workouts.

All workouts are designed to bring you a challenge, variety but also all carefully chosen to create a strong and lean body. My intention behind creating the Lenka Method was to accommodate those that either are too busy exercise, TRX goes anywhere you go, likes a challenge and strive for greatness. There is always next level and you never reach a plateau.

The Lenka Method

The Five Laws of Performance

Step by Step


    It's important to be clear on who you are, what you stand for and belief that you can. By changing the occurrence of yourself, you change your actions. Act as the person now, you're in control. You're the creator and selector of your thoughts.

  • GOAL

    It's important to set clear, challenging but achievable goals for you to take consistent actions. Once you are able to measure your goals, you know where you are, you become more motivated to take further actions.


    Once you change certain habits and shift your identify the magic starts happening. Discipline gives you freedom and invites creativity. This sets you on the way to your success.


    Act boldly daily and challenge yourself to progress. Nothing great was ever created in your comfort zone. Most of the time it means that we need to be stronger than our strongest excuse.


    Earn a better and your progression. Through TRX training, you will increase strength, get in the best body shape, feel better, and lose weight! With mindset coaching, you'll thrive in life.

Why TRX For Your Body And Mind?

Build Your Strength & Core

Having a strong core is being linked to having a high self-esteem. By challenging your body you will challenge your mind to find out what’s possible. You start connecting with who you are – the core you. On TRX, you need to playing to your strenghts and start believing that you can, you become stronger, the same applies in your work life.

Your Attitude And Actions

How you exercise you live your life. If you declare yourself as an athlete, how would you exercise? If you declare yourself as a strong personal brand, what actions would you take in life?  Your attitude will determine who you will be and what actions you will take. Get a clarity of who you want to be and then become the person and become the person now. 


With TRX you never reach a plateau, there is always the next level. You challenge yourself to the next level, take bold actions that are out of your comfort zone and make a progress. Once you apply this to your work life – What are the things you are willing to do – video? Audio? What else feels uncomfortable? 

In the end, once we are committed to become the best version of ourself (in our mind and body) is a never-ending journey of self-discovery, as working on your body to build muscles, and the sooner you take control of it, the sooner you can get on with achieving the most important goals in life.

It all starts in the mind. Discover if you have it takes, compile a personal scouting report  Hotifyme mindset scoring .