The Lenka Method

The Lenka Method is revolutionising the fitness and personal development industries by working on your mind while you’re working on your body using the TRX straps as a coaching tool. It’s a step-by-step framework using 5 laws of performance that allows you to work on yourself from all different angles to shape your mind and body to thrive in life and at work.

It’s core mindset principles with core functional training. It’s powerful mindset with powerful muscles. It’s taking control to be in control. It’s dynamic and confidence breeding, which gives you both the edge and the influence that all high achievers need. It’s strong, it’s powerful and it could be you. Are you ready to take your game to the next level and become your strong authentic self?

The Step By Step Framework

Five Laws of Performance


    You're the creator of your thoughts. By changing the occurrence of your beliefs, you will change your actions. You're in control. It all lies in the language.


    Having a clear focus of your next steps is the key part of making progress. Taking small steps will lead to progression.


    The disciplined mind is what differentiates the champions. Once you change certain habits and shift your identity the magic starts happening. The more you practice, the better you become at it.


    Act boldly. Challenge yourself. Nothing great was ever created in your comfort zone. We need to learn to love to be uncomfortable.


    Progression leads to greatness. Maintain your standards and earn your progression.

How it works? 

Adopting a winning mind-set will help you perform at the top of your game and enable you to thrive. How you are on the TRX, will reflect how you are in your life. TRX strengthens your body, while the Lenka method will strengthen your mind.

All workouts are designed to bring you a variety of challenges and allows you to workout anywhere, anytime.

Strive for greatness. There is always next level and you never reach a plateau – on TRX and in your game.