Reading With Stanley Bradley

About Stanley Bradley

Stanley is an experienced intuitive visionary, writer, shaman and a transformational healer who reaches millions worldwide through his spot-on predictions in the areas of way of being, life purpose, relationships and mind & body healing.

Stanley’s unique, dynamic, lifestyle-based approach to Chinese astrology, health and relationships will help you get clarity, understand what’s really going on around you, so you can take consistent actions to unleash the real you.

Time is fair, time is forgiving, time is revealing.” Honour the time you have, give yourself the chance to uncover the unknown and unleash the real you with the gifts you have. You have it all in you, only certain things are hidden in our view.

“Breakthrough – actions – transformation”

You don’t know what you don’t know. This is my favourite tautology for many reasons. There are many things in your way – your blind spot, if you have found out today, would have transform your actions that you are taking today.

Are you asking yourself ? What am I meant to do with my life? Am I in the right job? There is a higher calling for me, what is it?

This call will help you to define your life purpose and gives you the direction you need to take to make a difference on this planet that reveals information about your true path and much more.

You will get a clearing to all unhidden things to you, your strengths, challenges you are facing that are in the your way for you to become the expert in your fields.

Our calls: 

  • Readings last 40 minutes
  • Calls are translated ( see below for testimonials)
  • Conducted by Zoom. You will be emailed a link prior the call. Easy to use
  • Digitally recorded as a video file/ an audio file and e-mailed to you
  • Additional resources such as rituals, guides, action plan and recommended products

Depending on your packages you can receive the following:

  • Summary of key actions for you to take with a personalised plan for the next 3 weeks
  • 30 min coaching calls ( after session, debrief and after 3 days to set you for your success). Each call lasts 15 min.
  • Email support and video support with motivation to take actions.
  • 100% confidential

Breakthrough + actions =  transformation

It’s a personal choice that you choose to take on – on your own or a support!

Payment is due in advance of your session (at time of booking). 24 hour cancelation

If you wish to cancel your reading and request a refund, we require 24 hours advance notice prior to your appointment.

Any cancellations made LATER than 24 hours prior to the appointment will not be refunded. We will, however, reschedule your appointment a maximum of two times at no extra charge.

What others said about Stanley & Lenka reading calls:


The call with Stanley confirmed me what I sense although it took me deeper to what I am sensing. Stanley is very grounded and helped me to draw a line to challenges I have been unable to cut from for years. I really appreciated his energy and his support in helping me moving forward.

Yasmine B.

“It was a great experience and you did the translation very well. Say a big thank you to Stanley It was great to meet him. I liked everything he said, it was very intuitive and enlightening, and I’m hoping the predictions he saw were correct.”

Nikki I.

I had a great zoom conference session with Stanley and Lenka.  It was as if Stanley already knew that and rather than me summarising my intention of what I wanted to get out of the call, the first thing that happened was that Stanley summarised why I was on the call, and he got it spot on.  Everything he said felt like it spoke deeply to me, and resonated. It was truly mind blowing to speak to someone with not only great insight, but incredible accuracy.

I found Lenka, who was translating Stanley’s words from Czech to English, to be carrying the same energy that Stanley was carrying in her words and totally present in the conversation.  I felt they work very well together and the translation was definitely not a distraction, if anything it allowed me time to digest everything that was being said, step by step.

I am really grateful to have had the opportunity to speak with Stanley, I highly recommend a session with him.