Our philosophy is built around you as a whole; as Lenka says, it all begins in the mind … after all you can’t even lift your arm unless your brain says so.  The mind and body work together in harmony and one will not work without the other …The key is having a strong core and knowing the essence of yourself. Therefore when you train one, you must train the other or you’ll get stuck in a cycle of never quite achieving your goals … mentally or physically.  Think, Train and Thrive!

Our Hotifyme TRX training is a way of living every day that is not only exercise. A way of living for ambitious people who want to shape their bodies, their personal brands and perfect their performance.  

What does it mean? 

Once you change the relationship with yourself, get connected with who you are, gain confidence in your body, you’ll not only strengthen your mind and sculpt your body but you will take consistent actions.

With TRX it’s possible, you’ll see results in 2, 4 weeks, the full transformation in 12 weeks! With Lenka’s method and Hotifyme programmes you’ll perfect your performance, shape your personal brand and grow as a person!

TRAIN – Body Strength 

Your body is a powerful machine that can achieve extraordinary things. Once you work with the body and not against it, you’ll start seeing new results. The progression you are going to make on TRX for your body, will motivate you to take other actions in your real life. TRX becomes a reflection of who you are in your real life. Following Parkinson rules 80/20, you don’t need to spend hours on TRX but get amazing results in just 20 min a day.

THINK – Gain Your Mind Power 

The body can achieve whatever your mind believes. Mind’s muscles are the strongest muscles in the body. Being able to gain your mind power allows you to connect with the true essence of who you are. Once you are able to build on your core essence – passion, strenghts, talents, values and personality – you’ll gain confidence in who you are. When you change how you occur to yourself, you start taking different actions.  You’ll start seeing results outside your fitness regime.

Clarity, Confidence and New Capabilities 

Once you gain clarity in what you want and who you are everything becomes easier. On TRX you will gain confidence that will help you to get out there and make yourself visible. By taking new actions you will gain new skills that will lead to an extraordinary results.

Thrive – Become the Queen of Your Expertise 

It’s important that you are passionate about something in life. The passion is the driver for the attraction. I believe that we don’t need to work in life once we follow our passion and do what we were born to do on this planet. But whatever you do, you want to become the Queen of … (maybe The King .. ), you become an expert in your field, you’ll be in your flow, your performance will improve resulting in your business growing while you’re staying yourself.