lenka method

Lenka’s Method

Lenka’s philosophy is simple. It’s all starts in the mind.

The body can achieve, what the mind believes in.

You just need to go and earn it.

Another week to progress to advance, develop toward a better, more complete you.

Based on Lenka’s philosophy, Lenka created her lenka method that brings together the aspect of the most effective, efficient fitness TRX tool, mindset coaching to help you to create a strong foundation for creating a discipline that leads to greatness.

Lenka’s method is an innovative form of fusion fitness for your body and mind. It combines the use of TRX to systematically sculpt but also strengthen your body muscles and the use of key mindset techniques that also works to the high efficiency of your mind to help you to make your progress faster and make your change permanent.

It’s 100 percent unique. Those who know TRX and may have used it for a few moves, I promise you that our workouts are different.

TRX suspension tool is a great tool that allows you to get stronger in your body and mentally – all in one workout. It can be done anytime, anywhere and it’s fun.

That’s why all programs are designed for maximum effectiveness and efficiency  – but it’s also designed to Be FUN.

The body achieves whatever the mind believes!

Why our program is the new revolution?

TRX helps you reach any goal, you never plateau. Use to improve sports performance, lose weight, gain strength and more – with our method it helps you to grow as a person.


Really having a strong core equals having a strong mind. Strength can’t be bought, it comes from within. Become stronger than your strongest excuse.


Lenka also believes that life is about making a progress. Most of frustrations in people’s lives come from feeling demotivated. Once you know your why and have a clarity you take actions.



Our programs are designed for you to take actions in your life to make a progress. Progression leads to greatness.


Nothing was ever created in the comfort zone. Sometimes we need more accountability to achieve things, it’s fine too.



Making subtle changes, making a progress comes from a consistency.

Life is not about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself!

Why our method works?

 Becoming stronger than your strongest excuse

Strong is sexy – oh yes. It’s a combination of your mind and body strength and who you’re.


Anytime, anywhere – no more excuses for you to get the body you love. Achieve the goals you want – as long as you have the discipline in you to get it done. Sometimes even if you have a busy day, there is no excuse to work out 


By putting maximum effort into your workout, applying 80/20 Parkinson rule, you will get extraordinary results in a short period of time.

Major caloric burn while you sleep

As said before that you not only burn many calories at each workout. Depending on your time you choose, you can burn up to 650 calories per workout. But also you’ll burn calories when you sleep. Who would not want that!

Innovative workouts that brings you variety but gives you certain of results 

In life you want to have certainty that it delivers what you want but it would be boring to do the same thing all the time. Our workouts are designed to deliver variety for you to keep the motivation going.

It’s good for you

Using your own body weight is good for many reasons. If you want to have a great body, be sharp, and achieve great things in life – you want to increase your testosterone level.

Allows you to make a progress fast

TRX exercises help you to move very fast. If you ever wondered what can be possible in 90 days – you’ll see it with our moves as long as you want, believe in it – you will get it. 

It’s fun

Fun is the most important. I want you to have some fun too.

Make it challenging but achievable!

Why TRX?

  1. It’s great for all levels.  Anyone can use TRX due to its versatility.
  2. It’s portable. It weighs two pounds so you can take it anywhere and use it indoors or outdoors and on your travels. No more excuses!
  3. It helps you reach any goal.  Use to improve sports performance, lose weight, gain strength, injury rehab and more.
  4. It’s all core all the time. You’ll be constantly engaged, not only your core but your brain too.

Why Mindset coaching and TRX?

It’s all starts in the mind. Our fitness philosophy.

As TRX says, you must earn your progression, our method is designed for you to move up the next level when you are ready while maintaining your standards in your life. Once you change your attitude and how you occur to yourself, you’ll start seeing positive results.  In life we get stopped and do not take actions. We get stuck in our heads and sometimes it’s just about taking steps, getting out of your comfort zone. Once you grow, you achieve great things. We all can.

TRX is a great tool for this. It allows you to get stronger in your body and mentally.

Let's go and earn it!