Hotifyme Workouts

Hotifyme workouts and programmes are based on the new fusion of fitness and mindset that was created by Lenka Gourdie based on the lenka method philosophy of strong core with TRX, 3 Ts – Think, Train and Thrive as a champion, 5 laws of performance and 3 levels of a faster progression integrating other effective sport functional equipments such as bosu, swill ball and kettlebells.

Hotifyme workouts are effective, efficient and fun. Anytime & anywhere!You can get #hotifyed in 20 min a day. 

It’s 100 percent unique. It truly allows you to get stronger in your body and mind – all in one workout to be challenged to the new level mentally and physically.

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Simply fitness made easy, fun and sexy – it’s the core mission.

  • Strong core is the foundation of becoming stronger in your mind and body. 

Each workout systematically sculpts but also strengthen your body muscles. The use of key mindset techniques that also works to the high efficiency of your mind to help you to make your progress faster and make your change permanent.

  • The lenka method 

The lenka method brings together 3 Ts (think, train and thrive), 5 key laws of performance and 3 levels of progression for effective, efficient progression to achieve your goals on 80/20 rules.

  • Major caloric burn while you sleep

As said before that you not only burn many calories at each workout. Depending on your time you choose, you can burn up to 650 calories per workout. With TRX although you may choose to focus more on one body part,  you always work your full body. This way you burn more calories during and after your workout. But also you’ll burn calories when you sleep.

  • Innovative workouts that brings you variety

We love variety. Our workouts are designed to deliver variety for you to keep the motivation going. Lenka method about progression, brings you a modern playful way how to move up the notch each time.

  • Efficiency and effectiveness 

Anytime, anywhere – no more excuses for you to get the body you love. Sometimes even if you have a busy day, there is no excuse to work out. By putting maximum effort into your workout, applying 80/20 Parkinson rule, you will get extraordinary results in a short period of time.

  • It’s good for you

Using your own body weight is good for many reasons. But the key reason that may be forgotten is your testosterone – for ladies and men too. If you want to have a great body, be sharp, and achieve great things in life – you want to increase your testosterone level.

  • It looks great, too

Do you know how sexy you’ll look on TRX when others see you to do all the amazing moves. It’s a great feeling once you hear people saying – wow you can do that!

  • Works on your mind too

As said, the lenka method that is the core foundation for Hotifyme workouts, you work on your mind too. Body can what the mind believes in.

  • Allows you to make a progress fast

TRX exercises help you to move very fast, you never reach a plateau. With the lenka method you reach a progression in life. If you ever wondered what can be possible in 90 days, let’s what you can achieve in 2 weeks.

  • It’s fun

Fun is the most important. I want you to have some fun too. Life would be too boring with diets, being healthy 100% of the time.

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