Meet Lenka

At my core I’m a Performance & Brand Strategist, a qualified Life & Business Coach with an MA in Marketing and a TRX coach that’s shaking up the fitness and personal growth industries! I’ve taken all of my training, mindset knowledge and passion to create The Lenka Method to help people like me challenge themselves and reach their goals and their greatness.

I know that whatever it is you want to achieve in life, it all starts in the mind and so I developed the tools and the training methods that really work, where others have failed.

My fitness journey with TRX, combined with my business coaching skills and entrepreneurial spirit, has taught me that discipline combined with commitment can transform your mind, your body and your life.

I’d been training for 12 years in the gym, I was in good shape, but when I started using TRX full time, it all happened. My body went through a total transformation. Any residual fat melted away and I was completely toned. My body became lean and strong like an athlete, I’ve also developed a champion mindset on the way!


The change in their body shape and mindset was targeted and fast. I became more confident and powerful and this was reflected in everything they did from the way they walked, to the way I did business. I knew I’d found a powerful solution. I’ve now taken these lessons to develop The Lenka Method to help you in your transformation.

The Lenka Gourdie Method has been honed, tried and tested and I’m extremely proud of the amazing results my clients are getting – for some, it’s been life changing.


About The Lenka Method

The Lenka Method revolutionising the fitness industry by working on your mind while you’re working on your body.  It’s core mindset principles with core functional training. It’s powerful mindset with powerful muscles. It’s taking control to be in control. It’s dynamic and confidence breeding, which gives you both the edge and the influence that all high achievers need. It’s strong, it’s powerful, it’s sexy and it could be you. Are you ready to take your game to the next level?