About Our Customer

 Are you an entrepreneur, a high flyer of  “Healthy Naughtiness”industry who wants to take your game to the next level to serve your health conscious customers well? 

About Our Customer

My passion for Healthy Naughtiness as a lifestyle, inspired me to self-declare a new industry Healthy Naughtiness – bringing together healthy food, drinks, fun, cooking, eating out with a spin of some naughtiness. My mission is to help is all those in this industry to take their game to the next level to serve all other healthy conscious customers who love to have some fun!

Whatever your goals – strong body, strong mind, taking your game to the next level  – you need to take consistent bold actions. These may seem sometimes a bit uncomfortable. Once you set yourself achievable but challenging goals, believe in yourself, it’s possible. You only need to get the champion winning mindset to win the game of yours. Come to think, train and thrive with Lenka’s method to win the game of yours whatever it’s! 

The market is changing and so are people and their branding. In today’s hyper-competitive world, with the demand of digital engagement, many brands are extending beyond their original product categories. Stand out as a personal brand in whatever you do, is the must.  In today’s trend of living a healthy lifestyle, customers have expectations and still want to be healthy when they are out having fun.

Take chocolatiers and coffee roasters, they discuss the details where and how they’ve sourced their ingredients. Grocers are giving products a sense of place, restaurants share a story and deliver experience of something unique. You as a person needs to connect on a deeper level, this requires being vulnerable, having the right mindset to win this competitive game – whatever your game is.