Hi, I’m Lenka. 

I help you to shape your personal brand and body by being stronger than your strongest excuse! 

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Lenka has the vision and tenacity of a true entrepreneur. She’s the hotness behind HotifyMe, the creator of The Lenka Method, and, the creator of Healthy Naughtiness Show.  As a Performance Coach helping high flyers to shape personal brands and bodies, using TRX as a coaching tool, her creative spirit, it’s the focus and grit determination that she combines with her TRX training, mindset transformation methods and personal branding strategies leads to taking your game to the next level.

You Have A Hidden Power.

Unleash It Today With The Lenka Method.

The Lenka Method

The 3 Pillars of Success are in 3 Ts – Think, Train and Thrive. The key success to a progression is in five laws of performance and 4 levels of TRX progression. With TRX you never reach a plateau. 

The Lenka Method will empower you to take your game to the next level, create a new relationship with yourself, be and stay motivated by what it’s possible once you believe that you can to build a strong personal brand.

Here’s How I Can Help 

I’m shaping mind & body of Food & Drink CEOs, CxOs and entrepreneurs to help them to take their game to the next level to build a strong personal brand by getting strong in the mind and body – simply get #hotifyed.

Lenka says….”My courses and programmes are are mostly delivered online and are using TRX as as coaching tool so you can access the information any time, anywhere. TRX goes where you go. I’ll train your body and mind to get strong so that you are empowered to take bold actions. Taking bold actions, be visible and get out of your comfort zone is required to build a strong personal brand.”

I’ll be also bringing you hot of the press tips, tricks and stories of those who have made it in the world of  Healthy Naughtiness!

Accomplish Your Greatest Goal in 90 Days

Based on my real life experience, I’ve developed this signature program – an effective, efficient and impactful step by step method to challenge you to make a progress on TRX and win your game to thrive in life. 

Progression that leads to greatness. 

TRX allows you to move up a notch every time you exercise. Not only that you get into the best body shape ever, you’ll improve your performance in life. But you must earn it.

Discover Your Hidden Power With Stanley Call

Time is fair, time is forgiving, time is revealing.” Honour the time you have, give yourself the chance to uncover the unknown and unleash the real you with the gifts you have. You have it all in you, only certain things are hidden in our view.

“Breakthrough – actions – transformation”

You don’t know what you don’t know. This is my favourite tautology for many reasons. There are many things in your way – your blind spot, if you have found out today, would have transform your actions that you are taking today.

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If you’re ready to take things to the next level, getting a strong body, win your game and challenge yourself, stay here.

Why TRX?

Build Your Strength & Core

The main reason why you become stronger with TRX is that you’re using your body weight resistance and gravity to build strength. You’ll be asked to main standards but change the condition ( the position), this way you’ll be becoming stronger than you would with other exercise in a short period of time. By challenging your body you will challenge your mind to find out what’s possible.

Increase Endurance

Functional strength training uses whole-body, integrated movements that directly enhance your ability to perform tasks, skills, activities and sports like endurance obstacle and adventure racing. TRX Training produces superior functional fitness that will help you outlast any challenge and look and feel your best. You’ll be able to apply these challenges to your daily lives.

Burn More Calories

Muscle is a more metabolically active tissue than fat, which means it will burn through more energy just at rest. More muscle mass you have, more calories you’ll burn at your resting time.  TRX uses plank as the core foundation, stronger core – more calories burnt. TRX engages full body for each move, then you’ll burn more calories during each workout.

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