Unleash Your Inner Champion 

Think, Train And Thrive on TRX And In Life

To Get Sexy And Strong With Confidence! 



I’m Lenka

Lenka Gourdie has the vision and tenacity of a true entrepreneur. She’s the hotness behind HotifyMe, the creator of The Lenka Method, and, as a Performance Mind & Body Coach using TRX as a coaching tool, she’s not only shaking it up in the fitness worlds … she’s changing the game!

Even with her creative spirit, it’s the focus and grit determination she combines with her TRX training methods that help you sculpt your body, strengthen your mind and shape your life.

When it comes to fitness and mindset, I’ve developed quick and effective core strategies and techniques that are ahead of the curve and when you work with me.

“Become Stronger Than Your Strongest Excuse”

Hotifyme is a fresh, playful, new leading edge approach that will take you sexy and strong with confidence to think and train strong to thrive in your life. 

My mission is to bring together all those who share the same passion for having a strong body and mind and still enjoy healthy naughtiness.

If you’re really serious about becoming the strong person to take your game to the next level, if you’re really serious about getting a strong body and challenge yourself, stay here.


The secret in 3 Ts – Think, Train and Thrive! 

Hotifyme philosophy is built around you as a whole; as Lenka says, it all begins in the mind … after all you can’t even lift your arm unless your brain says so.  The mind and body work together in harmony and one will not work without the other … therefore when you train one, you must train the other or you’ll get stuck in a cycle of never quite achieving your goals … mentally or physically.

Get Sexy And Strong Signature Programme

Based on my real life experience, I’ve developed several signature programs to help you to sculpt your body, strengthen your mind and shape your life – simply get sexy and strong! 

An effective, efficient and impactful framework to challenge your mind and body to move up a notch to achieve extraordinary things. 

High performance motivation 

Our body can, but our mind can’t. My mindset training gives you a new level of discipline, strength that challenges your body and yourself into new limits.

Progression that leads to greatness and extraordinary results 

TRX allows you to move up a notch every time you exercise. Not only that you get into the best body shape ever, you’ll improve your performance in life. But you must earn it.

Why TRX?

Build Your Strength & Core

The main reason why you become stronger with TRX is that you’re using your body weight resistance and gravity to build strength. You’ll be asked to main standards but change the condition ( the position), this way you’ll be becoming stronger than you would with other exercise in a short period of time. By challenging your body you will challenge your mind to find out what’s possible.

Increase Endurance

Functional strength training uses whole-body, integrated movements that directly enhance your ability to perform tasks, skills, activities and sports like endurance obstacle and adventure racing. TRX Training produces superior functional fitness that will help you outlast any challenge and look and feel your best. You’ll be able to apply these challenges to your daily lives.

Burn More Calories

Muscle is a more metabolically active tissue than fat, which means it will burn through more energy just at rest. More muscle mass you have, more calories you’ll burn at your resting time.  TRX uses plank as the core foundation, stronger core – more calories burnt. TRX engages full body for each move, then you’ll burn more calories during each workout.

What our clients say